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Ginkgo Craft Studio is inspired by my sister’s love for the Ginkgo biloba tree and when she asked me to take her some of these honeycomb beeswax sheets, my interest in crafting these beautiful candles began.

The candles are honeycomb textured, drip resistant, smoke free when burning, naturally have a honey scent and melt in the most mesmerizing way. From hand rolling the candles to making business cards and labels, to all the packaging and media , everything is done at my work stations in our apartment in Victoria BC, with a lot of encouragement from my partner. 

Ginkgo Craft Studio is a representation of my love for the simpler, yet complex things we get to witness in our life. I have the utmost respect of the effort by the plants, bees and the people involved in bringing these candles to you. I hope the candles bring you as much joy as they bring me.

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